Saturday, April 14, 2012

Divine Clothing by Spirit Walker

Divine Clothing…From that Precious Moment at Birth to Beyond.
Spirit Walker
Art can never exist without naked beauty displayed.
William Blake

     How beautiful and free is it to be naked!  Very few understand the beauty of our divine skin as they have been trained to live quality in clothing.  We are naked when we shower or bathe, change our clothes, and slip into our pajamas or engaging in sexual interaction with our partners, but how many are naked more than 30 minutes in general? We are brought up to think that being in the nude was embarrassing and yet for some, a definition of being exposed indecently.   Our naked bodies are our birthright entrance in this world.  We were conditioned to feel embarrassed by exposing our nude bodies in front of others.  There are many parents whom allow their toddlers to run naked through the house as they see this as innocent beauty.   We were naked in our mother’s womb and entered the world as such.  When we reach close to puberty, our divine clothing is thought of more being indecently exposed rather than the beauty of our natural being.
     Being in Divine clothing gives you an opportunity to self love, to honor your light in your natural state of being.  To feel the element of air against our skin, to sleep nude, to walk around our home in this natural state gives us a freedom and power clothes do not give us.  Our mobility of being in the nude lifts our self-esteem, where clothes seem to cover the flaws of imperfections that are our traits of personality.  Many cultures regard nudity as completely acceptable, even in somewhat public settings. If you have ever had the opportunity to freely be in your divine clothing, you may have found the experience liberating enough to allow it to influence the rest of your life.  Being nude allows a sense of acknowledgment of feeling at home.  Home within you. 
     I personally had many opportunities to swim in the nude.  I enjoyed the feeling of the water against my skin and the freedom of liberating my cloaked spirit.   I had a sense of joy and bliss as it freed my mind and body and it gave me an emotional uplift.  Once you go beyond the judgment of self, the nudity of your soul gives freedom to the victim-self and lifts the spirit far beyond any other experience.
     Women engage nude a lot and never stop to judge how they appear to one another.  They have a sense of unity, knowing that each one of us may have a different physicality but no difference whatsoever in spirituality.  They recognize that being nude is our birthright and is as natural as giving birth.  It’s about accepting who we are.  If being naked is uncomfortable in your family, it is a great topic to discuss and plan to ease into spending more time in your divine clothing.  It’s natural for a child to feel enjoyment running around the home naked.  We all have had that thrill one time or another.  It is the viewpoint of others that have changed our way of thinking over time.
     If this sounds like something you’d like to experience once again, then you could gradually integrate this back into your life.  Remember you were born in Divine Clothing.  Take time before getting dressed after a shower or bathe, and if uncomfortable in walking throughout the house, then stay in the bathroom, or even your bedroom by sitting and reading a book, or writing in your journal.  Light a candle and incense to lift the energy.   I do recommend beginning a journal in the nude.  Writing on all that you feel, including any self-judgment, criticism, restrictions and confinement that may arise while being present in divine clothing, will assist you in the healing process of accepting yourself.  This is very therapeutic for the mind, body and soul.  You will be surprised just how much can freely flow in your journal by being in your birthright clothing.  Another fabulous approach is sleeping in the nude.  You are free of any restriction of clothing and it feels good on a hot summer night.  If you have a private beach or garden, you could sunbathe or take a stroll down the beach.  Even swimming in a fresh body of water such as a lake or river is endowing.  Being in the nude is being beyond the restrictions of confinement and dis-ease.  When we stand in this power of our birthright, we lose the self judgment and we are grateful for whom we are.
 Whatever your choice, being naked as the day you were born can awaken feelings of blissful moments of contentment, freedom, and self-love.

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