Saturday, April 14, 2012

Divine Love by Spirit Walker

I see the Divine and HIS essence and call upon HIS Love.  Oh how I love thee, my Beloved.   Feeling your breath upon me, I shiver with spirit.  I love you, my breath…please come to me in the darkest hour so that my light brightens up my world.  I can never be without you; you are a part of me.  Allow me to rest my weary head upon your heart.

Sacred heart, I hear your beat drumming against my breath and my breath sucks in your love, flowing ever so presently in the chambers of many paths.  I can hear your voice; my beloved in sacred heart, silence is my SELF there. Here lies the feeling of existence, pure love and pain and sorrow.  I choose to feel your love and allow pain and sorrow to be washed away by the pure water that flows through me.
I am many rivers and many oceans, engulfed with savvy for your love.  Spirits entwine, souls aligned in your beloved presence.  There before your feet I swim, knowing that I shall not drown… I am my BELOVED and the BELOVED is mine. 

Help me to be your vision; I cannot survive any other way.  You are my Divine Sacred Love. Hold me when I cannot seem to find you. Embrace me when I cannot seem to feel you. Carry me when I cannot seem to walk.  Live within me for an eternity, our breaths cannot be separated.
I find you by the waters, the mountains, the wilderness, the crowded cities, on top of the world, below my feet, cupped in my hands, embraced in my arms.  Spending time in earthly bliss and seeking the invisible you.  I realize that earthly goods are an illusion, earth is one with the cosmos, I prepare to merge my soul in its spirit in the realm.  I sit in the KNOWING.  What is above is below and what is below is so above.  From this I become WISDOM.

I love you, my precious…you are my DIVINE SACRED LOVE.  We can never be separated.  I love you…, my GOD…I love you.  I am your GODDESS, your spinning and blissful light.  I go where you go and where you flow. We share the same breath, we live together in depth, our love is merged as ONE…

When I am alone, I lay upon my softness, waiting to hear your sweet voice….Oh God…I love you so…I await your breath and the moment you will come to me.  Sacred Fire, Sacred Flame…Beloved so…can you feel my heart?  Can you feel my love for you?  There is no other before thee.  We are breath entwined.  I am in love with you, My Divine.  Your pure love immerged in me and I trust my heart in your spirit.  I dream of you…think of you…sit in sacred garden, waiting for you.  I am ONE with you…sweet Divine…I love you so.  Your sweet presence, I cry for it NOW and to see your pureness.  I call upon you, my Beloved…please come to me.
I know you are with me. I can feel you.  Sometimes, I feel alone within space and time…seeking you, as when I thought I knew you, you surprised me. I walk upon your footprints left by your presence in my life. My Sacred Love…My Sacred Fire…how can I please you?  What soul mission can I accomplish that will give you sweet pleasure and bliss that you created my birthright?
I AM your fragrance.

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